Titmouse began in New York City as a T-shirt company in the year 2000 when Chris Prynoski decided he wanted to make a T-shirt company. Chris P. had been making cartoons for nearly half a half a half a half a century, but it was the T-shirt bubble of the early ‘00s and fortunes were being made on short-sleeved shirts with funny designs. Lacking an accessible pool of talented child labor and the fact that customers were ordering more cartoons from Titmouse than clothing, it became evident that Titmouse was not going to be a T-shirt company for very long. So Chris and his wife Shannon restructured the business and headed out west to get some crispy Californian land. A kickass studio and a few computers later, only one key ingredient was missing: French blood. Frenchman, Antonio Canobbio had been petitioning the French government to reposition the Eiffel Tower 2 inches to the right. His true passion, however, was animation so he kissed France goodbye to become the studio’s creative director. Juno Lee was one of the original Titmouse employees when the company was being run out of a large garbage can on Santa Monica Blvd., His massive talent allows him to be anti-social, crabby and yet still function in society. He loves guitar, ping pong, cars, cilantro, and of course… Video Games.

It’s been over 11 years since Titmouse began. There are now multiple studios in Hollywood and NYC. Some say it was a combination of hard work, talent, and hustle; others attribute the success of Titmouse to a chance encounter with a homeless wizard on Venice Beach to whom Chris P. gave a sandwich. Some think Bigfoot gifted Chris and Shannon sacred space crystals that gave them ultimate powers over lines and color.
A large part of the studio’s success could be linked to the fact that Titmouse currently employs over 200 of the most talented artists, writers, directors, editors, and producers in the animation industry. Or it could be that lots of people like to watch the cartoons made by the studio, but it’s most likely due to the space crystals.

The end.

Oh wait! Here’s what we’ve been up to lately: Black Dynamite; China, IL; Metalocalypse; Motorcity; Randy Cunningham; Superjail!; The Venture Brothers; commercials; short films and our book called MOOK currently in Vol.2