We The People

Director: Victoria Vincent, Benjy Brooke, Mabel Ye, Tim Rauch, Jorge Gutierrez, Daron Nefcy

Clients: Netflix, Laughing Wild, Higher Ground, Khalabo Ink Society

This series of ten animated music videos brings musicians and directors together to remix civics for a new generation.

Executive Producers: Chris Prynoski, Shannon Prynoski, Antonio Canobbio, Ben Kalina

Producer: Will Feng

Associate Producer: Lauren Siller


1.3 Taxes – Victoria Vincent

1.4 The Three Branches of Government – Benjy Brooke

1.5 The First Amendment – Mabel Ye

1.6 Federal vs State Power – Tim Rauch

1.7 Immigration – Jorge Gutierrez

1.8 The Courts – Daron Nefcy

Production Coordinators: Jackie Araujo, Alison Reed, Elianne Melendez