Gettin’ Buckets With Ben Simmons

Director: Chase Conley

Client: Nike

Ben Simmons visits his high school and motivates his old squad on elevating their game.

Director- Chase Conley
Producer- Ben Kalina
Associate Producer- Will Feng
Animator- Andre Barnwell
Animator- Adam Temple
Animator- Jermey Polgar
Animation Cleanup- Carl Aspuria
Animation Cleanup- Jan Naylor
Animation Cleanup- Daran Carlin-Weber
Animation Cleanup- Elizabeth Chadwick
Background Design/Paint- Khang Le
Background Design/Paint- Anthony Go Wu
Background Paint- Sherwin Abesamis
Assistant Background Design/Paint- Kenny Mok
Composting- Chris Graybill
Editor- Todd Raleigh
Sound Design/Mixer- Shaun Cromwell