Disjointed: Season 2

Director: Simón Wilches-Castro

Client: Netflix

Season 2 of Disjointed features a new wave of 10 independent animators from around the world making their own, one-minute, pot-inspired segments using a wide array of techniques and styles.

Episode 1: Marihuana Mozart by Grace Rhee
Episode 2: California Shitballs by Quique Rivera
Episode 3: The Quest for Mountain Dew by Matt Taylor
Episode 4: Weed of Fortune by Paper Panther Studios
Episode 5: Fathers and Cubs by Mike Roush
Episode 6: Grasslighting by Dylan Carter
Episode 7: Hell o’ Jenny by Sachio Cook
Episode 8: Illuminati by Matthieu Labaye
Episode 9: Bombing on Stage by Patricio Plaza and Santiago Bou
Episode 10: Ruth’s Song by Simón Wilches-Castro

These shorts were produced by Titmouse, Inc.

Creative Director: Simón Wilches-Castro
Producer: Will Feng
Editor and Sound Design: Megan Love
Executive producers:
Chris Prynoski, Shannon Prynoski and Ben Kalina